There has been a revolution in the manner in which we operate, due to the advent of SaaS applications. The web-based applications delivered via Software-as-a-service offer an amazing cost effective option to deliver effective IT to businesses. Leaving behind traditional software and the shortcomings related to it, SaaS apps are even transforming the core operations of the healthcare industry.

The Current Picture
According to HIMSS Analytics’ recent survey in healthcare companies, it has been found that 66.9% of IT administrators take benefits from SaaS based applications. The manual medical records are now thing of the past, as there has been a shift to electronic medical records. Not only this, the entire hospitals are getting digitized and wearable sensors give vast opportunity for healthcare enterprises.

Top reasons for embracing SaaS
Today, we will talk about 7 super interesting reasons which show why healthcare industry needs SaaS.

SaaS applications…

Overcome the challenges of staff: Healthcare IT departments are unburdened due to the removal of outdated legacy systems and arrival of SaaS solutions. These apps help in sharing stored information across various information systems in real-time and can relieve IT personnel to take charge of more crucial tasks in an efficient way. Moreover, the content can be indexed on SaaS applications that can display results in seconds’ time.

Reduce the cost of maintenance: Limitless hardware and software access via cloud computing technology reduces maintenance cost. According to CDW, 88% of the healthcare organizations experienced a 20% savings in cost of applications after switching to SaaS solutions. Moreover, SaaS applications cost only a low monthly fee that covers all charges and does not require any licensing or maintenance costs.

Give an automated coding process: SaaS healthcare companies can have improved accuracy and revenue capturing of medical coding activities. They can attain insight on clinical codes from both ordered and unordered data, enabling the automated coding process with machine learning algorithms. The errors in coding are detected and there only error-free data entries.

Perform disaster recovery: Healthcare cloud services fulfill disaster recovery demands by maintaining data backups and implementing their dexterous emergency mode operations strategies.

Offer security: SaaS applications allow sharing of medical data. The data stored in-house is more prone to attacks rather than data stored on cloud due to the leading security capabilities across all data. Some firms like TSP provides 100% SSL- encryption for the data transmitted over the net.

SaaS applications ensure right levels of protection availability via an increasing set of data security and privacy controls. The correct architecture security platforms enable easier management of huge volumes of ever changing data entries. Moreover, the network vulnerabilities are instantly spotted out and resolved.

Maintains accurate reporting: From the structured and unstructured data sources, reports are formed that allows complete visibility into the network performance. The areas for improvement of quality are identified. Moreover, there is amelioration in the efficiencies of care delivered to the patients.

Provide automated upgrading and updating function:SaaS technology solutions help the electronic health records maintenance service providers to make upgrades, updates and remediation to the software without ever burdening the users.

Firms such as TSP offer health care applications as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. Clients using TSP SaaS solutions just focus on their business needs and relieve themselves from worrying about the technologies or software/hardware management and maintenance. In addition, TSP, as a software development company, is focused on customer service with knowledgeable people always available to answer your questions. Moreover, custom application development system caters to all your business needs, eliminating any avoidable technological glitches.

To conclude, SaaS technology solutions are rocking the world, and in this case, IT health industry. The security that SaaS solutions provide is not limited to dollars but the lives of the patients. Only paramount efficiency provided by SaaS technology can fulfill the mission of company’s timely patient care. While decisions have to be instantly taken regarding the capacity, performance and bandwidth, SaaS solutions provide easy-to-understand reports for healthcare administrators to do just that. SaaS software applications can enable rapid deployment of applications and lessen the operational costs. Hence, SaaS solutions are a boon for healthcare industry.