rfid technology
 rfid technology

IoT Solutions

Direct visibility to your assets – Real-time actionable insight into your data with real outcomes. Accept no substitute for the powerful and auto data acquisition features of RFID – Radio Frequency Identification.It enables organizations to optimize and removes complexity out of the processes, proactively aids in managing safety risks, reduces cost and time to market.



Customers ask for solutions, but vendors only provide a few basic components of the complete solution. TSP provides end-to-end solutions with simplicity and value that includes cloud hosted IT infrastructure, hardware, software, and subject matter expertise for successful implementation. Partners and System Integrators need to develop custom made projects with too many vendors, thus increasing the cost and complexity. IoT unmanned system is an art and requires high level of specialization. TSP has project-ready modules and we can help you reduce capital and operational cost on your next project.

Identity – Usability – Visibility
Let your assets start working for you and not you working for your assets.

TSP uses the combination of web, auto data acquisition, GPS, and mobile technologies to transform and re-engineer business processes. TSP designs, builds, hosts, and maintains complete, flexible solutions that are simple to use, eliminate process complexity and are easily scalable and fully secure.

Get tailor made IoT solutions.  Mail Us

Get tailor made IoT solutions.

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 identification rfid

Auto Data Acquisition

With RFID information capture, you can eliminate manual data entry errors and resolution thereof. There is nothing like a bit of accuracy.

radio frequency identification and detection

See the future

Be aware of problems before or as it occurs and review auto correction actions for fixing the issue by embracing RFID solutions and products.

 rfid tracking

In Full control

Monitor end-to-end transactions and take action in case of any fraudulent activity. Act on real-time notifications and alerts with RFID technology.

 rfid solutions

At your fingertips

Know where your assets are via a simple to use user interface. Empower your associates with real-time trends and potential opportunities.

rfid technology

Fine tune everything

Identify the best combination of redundancy proof reliable cloud-hosted IT infrastructure with transparent and low-cost solutions.

radio frequency identification rfid

Customer and Safety First

Make relevant information available to the customer to keep their trust. Proactively manage and keep your assets fully certified and safe to use.

TSP provides consulting services for integrating RFID technologies in your solutions.

INTERNET OF THINGS SOLUTIONS: TSP integrates RFID technology and multiple reading sensors using data over the internet to gather information for assets wherever they are, at a point of use to provide logistics capabilities and capture data in the field.

PROOF OF CONCEPT SOLUTIONS: At a fixed cost and time, TSP will develop a Proof of Concept low-cost solution, allowing companies to see the benefits of incorporating RFID technology into their processes.

INTEGRATION RFID WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS: TSP provides services which analyze and determine detail requirements including design, development, integration, installation and employee training needed to implement RFID solutions within existing processes and systems.

DEVELOP END-TO-END RFID ENABLED SYSTEMS: TSP provides services which analyze requirements, design, development, integration and installation of RFID solutions.

MOBILE SOLUTIONS: TSP develops and integrates mobile applications using RFID technology at a point of use to provide logistics capabilities and capture data in the field.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: With more than 30 years of experience in developing business processes and in-depth knowledge of multiple new technologies, TSP supports companies with proof of concept solutions, integration with existing solutions and development of new solutions integrating RFID.

FEASIBILITY STUDIES: TSP can develop a customized feasibility study to help a company prioritize needs and answer questions, including: Will an RFID system really help? How will it optimize the business processes? What ROI can be expected? Which items should be tracked – high value? Will the system prevent theft or shrinkage? Product traceability?

TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES: TSP provides infrastructure management, remote monitoring, administration, troubleshooting and maintenance, help desk and IT technical support services to companies at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees. TSP has been hosting mission-critical and confidential HIPAA compliant applications for leading businesses since 1999. In doing so, TSP has developed a robust set of services to deliver end-to-end hosting solutions. Effective RFID systems integration requires technical expertise and proven industry knowledge to deliver highly complex technical solutions.

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