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About Us

TSP crafts digital solutions by integrating disruptive technologies to transform paper based processes that you can use from everywhere, every time, and from every device. TSP brings end-to-end transparency and traceability to a transaction or a service between provider, in between activity, and user – authentication, efficiency, security and risk mitigation – and help in elimination of fakes and loss.TSP looks at customer challenges and existing processes, reimagines solutions by integrating disruptive technologies, and adapts processes using modular architecture to develop elegant applications in the shortest time. We provide service to customers around the globe across a broad range of industries.


100% Commitment
120% Dedication

Our talented associates focus on your challenges, understand your needs and requirements, and address them by reimagining processes in multiple ways. We treat each other with dignity, respect, and provide encouragement and support. We are fully committed to deliver in time and in budget. We go extra miles to craft the solutions and we do much more than what we say we will do. We build and believe in strong, sustainable relationships based on honesty and responsibility. We are committed to following laws, rules and regulations, and we require absolute integrity from our staff and partners. We work on each project with persistent determination, absolute commitment, and complete dedication.

Vast Experience
In-Depth Expertise

Our associates have more than 120 years of combined experience in a vast number of industries and understand the benefits of new technologies. They work in tandem with highly trained development and services associates that have in-depth expertise in applying new technologies. Our teams know how to apply it to solve customers’ needs and deliver powerful and cost-effective solutions that meet requirements and deliver ongoing value. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and technical competence and our people are hardworking, experienced, and bring creativity and innovation in everything we do.

Disruptive Technologies
Reimagine Processes

The new age of constant instant connections is obsoleting existing strategies and solutions. It is now 24 x 7 interconnected world. Everyone expects information in the palm of their hands. Revolutionary transformation with instant smart data is being forged using internet connected smartphones. Going forward the only choice you may have to survive is to accept this change and adapt. Early adopters are obsoleting existing business offering, information delivery, and user interaction. We specialize in transforming underlying processes by reimagining them using new technologies to craft solutions optimized to be simple to use and efficient, take less time and effort, and align with expected user expectation.

Evolving Strategy
Digital Transformation

We are committed to ongoing pragmatic learning, cycle of persistent experimental adaptation and continuous evaluation, and development of our skills in use and adaption of new technologies. One’s strategy has to be evolving to survive and succeed. We help you evaluate and integrate these disruptive technologies in your business. Businesses are using digital solutions that are based on processes designed for use of paper. To unleash the power of use of digital solutions, the underlying data needs to be genuine. It starts with re-engineering processes with integrating transactional checks and balances to verify and manage data from multiple inputs and process streams. The processes have to be nimble, fast, and modular in design, and outcome presentation as per the need of the next process or what user needs to perform.

Sustainable Earth Is Our Obsession

The solutions and services are designed to eliminate use of paper, efficient to operate and use, and optimized to reduce use of resources.