SaaS (Software-as-a-service), also known as on-demand software, is a standard software delivery model for various business applications. The SaaS providers are focusing on improving their service. As a result, the companies now have more options compared to the previous years. The increased competition in the SaaS market had a positive impact on industries. Now, companies can expect more quality from the vendors.

With rapid improvements in SaaS technology, there will be a day when all the positive future predictions about this technology will come true. In coming years, a stateless architecture can be achieved by the use of SaaS. Stateless architecture is build using stateless applications. The applications that do not record or store the data of the previous session are known as stateless applications. Data such as user settings and events for a session are not recorded for the use in the next session with the same user.

SaaS systems can be designed to support stateless applications. If server-side applications are stateless, they can operate effectively by creating similar server-side machine events. In the case of server failure, the failed server can be easily replaced for an uninterrupted process. With stateless designs, the data security issues can be solved. These stateless designs need a better storage service that is not accessible to any local server.

Achieving stateless architecture is not an essential requirement but it is an important step towards the development of SaaS technology. With the stateless architecture, users of SaaS technology can expect better performance and higher reliability as well as a greater cost advantage.