Knowledge is not power, but the application of knowledge is power. Putting your knowledge into application or action is the real challenge of life. Similar is the context of technology, however incredible is the tech innovation, without effectual enactment, it has no worth. Moreover, the incorporation of software into an enterprise and its system is no easy feat.

Also, it is imperative for a customer to comprehend the new technology, to be able to amplify its usage for their organization; and in SaaS industry, it gets all the more challenging to understand and use the technology for the company’s benefit.

Time is one luxury that many providers don’t have. A SaaS business model is entirely dependent on monthly or annual subscriptions. This makes the window of opportunity for a SaaS using customer to attain the maximum outcome from their business very short. In case, the software technology is not able to achieve ROI, it can just be dumped for some new technology because there are no installation investments or long-term contracts to rely on.

Customer Success with SaaS

If you lose a customer because your cloud-based software technology was unable to match the expectations, then it could be very pricey for the business. According to the reports of the Harvard Business Review, it is 5 to 25 times costlier to attain a new customer than it is to hold on to the existing one. To add on, a research made by Fred Reichheld of consulting firm Bain & Company exhibits that if the customer retention expands by 5 percent, it will also upsurge the profit by 25 percent to 95 percent. Another study by Gartner also found that the 80 percent of an organization’s future revenue comes from 20 percent of its existing customers.

Therefore, fulfilling the promise of customer success and optimizing the software technology for the business’ productivity and customers is the new linchpin of the SaaS industry, for example, B2B SaaS firms, healthcare industry, etc. In these sectors, the clients correspond to large-scale accounts and the SaaS technology has become a trendsetter within the work sphere of an organization.

Outlined below are few tips to help you increase the customer success of your company:

1. Make customer success a part of the company’s philosophy
2. Revitalize your relationship with existing customers
3. Leverage customer success software technologies

SaaS and Healthcare Information Systems

SaaS companies have been flooding the market for a long time. The cloud-based technology has helped in making some amazing successful business stories. One industry that has become highly dependent on cloud computing and has benefitted from SaaS is healthcare industry.

Many healthcare organizations have incorporated SaaS in their healthcare IT solutions and have experienced reduced IT costs, better data exchange, a simple and easy way of updating and upgrading the software, convenience in managing the security, and the list of its benefits to healthcare information systems is endless.

With this, it implies that without its keystone, the wheels of the industry will inevitably fall off.

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