Improve Your Business Competency By Outsourcing Your IT Infrastructure Management Services!

One of the many core competencies of an organisation is recognised in its ability to achieve a significant level of cost advantage across its value creation process and a level of differentiation in the market. This requires developing optimally focused management structures and operational processes through efficient integration of resources into the various business processes.

The introduction of resources directly depends upon the mission of the firm and the changing needs of its clientele base, amongst other varying factors. However, in this rapidly evolving business environment, there is an inevitable need to incorporate modern resources to maintain a competitive edge in the field!

The Growing Need Of Efficient Infrastructure Management

More and more businesses are recognising the importance of efficient infrastructure management in the areas such as security, IT, cloud, server, networks, data, application, and people in order to achieve different business goals. In fact, it is becoming an area of power play where efficient use of IT infrastructure can help bridge the gap between operations and business success, thereby giving competitive leverage to the business. With this understanding and the growing need to reduce capital expenditure, it is important to manage IT infrastructure as a part of your business’ service model!

RIM – An Efficient and Economical Solution

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is an outcome of the growing need among businesses to better manage their IT environment. RIM technology allows for efficient monitoring and management of IT infrastructure (networks, emails, datacentres, storage, devices, applications, servers, security, ERP, OS, support, databases, telephony, and services) from a remote location. It thus provides a whole assortment of infrastructure services as a single source. A range of remedial actions can also be performed from a remote location without disrupting your business operations. The business will reap tremendous benefit from continuous service availability (24x7x365 monitoring and maintenance) as your staff can now focus on the core business operations. Also, the risk of major IT failures is significantly reduced as the service levels are visible, on-going, and well-coordinated.

For businesses scaling up to diverse geographical locations, utilising RIM means centralising the management tasks of the IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for different functional teams or IT departments at every site, and ensuring better coordination and ease of maintenance.

The Many Benefits Of RIM

Clearly, modern RIM technology has many advantages over the traditional on-site IT infrastructure management. Deploying a well-planned, customised RIM solution can result in significant cost savings in an organisation’s total IT spending. RIM delivers an exhaustive range of benefits such as:

  • The cost involved in outsourcing your IT tasks to a reliable RIM vendor is lower than dealing with the stress and expense of maintaining an on-site IT department, particularly when the business locations are scattered across diverse geographies and time-zones.
  • Most RIM vendors usually assign a dedicated team to provide seamless tech support, maintenance services, and faster data throughput around the clock.
  • When customising a RIM solution for your business, you enjoy the liberty to make crucial decisions. You can decide which tasks you will outsource and which you want to handle on the site. The right RIM vendor also offers you the flexibility to choose individualised services or solutions that will cater to your specific business requirements.
  • The process of creating a custom RIM solution begins with comprehensive infrastructure analysis by your RIM vendor. The information gathered will also help you identify and resolve various issues in your present IT management process. As a result, you get an opportunity to improve performance and optimise your business operations for success.
  • With consistent and reliable RIM support, you’ll have around-the-clock access to crucial upgrades and patch management services. This will lead to seamless continuity of business operations and improved service experience for your stakeholders as well as clients.
  • As RIM services reduce your dependency on your on-site IT resources, your business will benefit from better system availability and improved uptime. RIM vendors utilise their strong network of multiple service providers to ensure uninterrupted server uptime and network redundancy.
  • Having a constant RIM partner on your side will also ensure quick integration of the latest tools and services into your on-going IT strategy, as needed.

Stay One-Step Ahead Of Your Competition With TSP

With an experienced and reliable RIM vendor such as Technology Solution Partners (TSP), you can empower your organisation for operational success and deliver the best service experience to your customers. We’ll assign a dedicated team led by experienced project managers who will have a thorough understanding of your business requirement and future goals. We’ll deliver high-quality RIM services, making sure every business requirement is addressed, and you receive an excellent return on your investment!