We are hard-pressed to find something that RFID Technology cannot help enhance! Be it the corporate sector or the industrial sector, RFID Technology has helped improve numerous processes. Today, more and more manufacturers, as well as distributors, are turning to RFID to smoothen and secure their supply chain process. RFID tags can also help enhance the understanding of businesses when it comes to their manufacturing outfit and what happens to incoming and outgoing materials in the supply chain.

Why Are Manufacturers Turning To RFID?

A supply chain is an integral part of every business. It helps manufacturers keep track of the flow of materials, information, products, and services from the procurement point until the end-user point. If you are a manufacturer and are wondering why everyone in the market is turning to RFID Technology to manage the indispensable aspect that is the supply chain, read on –

  • RFID can be directly integrated into an existing activity to determine how that activity is being performed.
  • RFID is a low-cost way for the adoption of the Internet of Things for day-to-day operational functions.
  • RFID eliminates the slow and error-prone process of barcode machines and manual interventions.

How Can RFID Technology Help Increase Supply Chain Security?

RFID tags contain electronically stored information and readers that automatically identify and read the tags using electromagnetic fields. This process leaves little to no room for security mishaps as RFID applications automate product identification in a supply chain process, leaving no room for manual errors.

More ways in which RFID Technology helps enhance the security of a supply chain are as follows –

  • It helps pinpoint any issues in the supply chain and then streamlines the operations effectively.
  • It significantly reduces the time-taking process of manual stock control.
  • RFID’s technological capabilities of closed-loop tracking, process automation, and supply chain visibility provide manufacturers with an increased monitoring capacity, increased response speed, and a higher decision-making quality.
  • RFID allows manufacturers to ship items worldwide while keeping track of their storage conditions like temperature and humidity.
  • It provides continuous updates on the item’s status and its location, ensuring that it reaches the desired destination on time.
  • RFID tags allow businesses to have impeccable control over their inventory. It lets them plan well in time by providing real-time and accurate data on goods, such as whether they are in-progress, in-transit, or finished.
  • The technology is a reusable asset that can be used for even the most difficult-to-track items, such as trays, pallets, totes, carts, and cargo containers.
  • The technology reduces the cost of keeping accurate inventory data, as it requires fewer personnel and minimizes the loss of goods.
  • RFID readers instantly alert the manufacturers in case any attempt has been made to remove a tagged asset from an authorized area.

These are just a handful of examples that prove how RFID Technology can instantly add to the security of your supply chain. It can be used for taking monthly inventories, such as by office owners to track how much laser-printer paper is held in stock, or by restaurants to track how much non-perishable goods they have in storerooms, and much more. TSP crafts digital solutions by integrating disruptive technologies to transform paper-based processes that you can use from everywhere, every time, and from every device.